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Task 4C-1 = Identifying Web Site Content and Design Problems

Posted by Juanita Steenkamp 
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Task 4C-1 = Identifying Web Site Content and Design Problems
March 02, 2006 04:25PM
I have found the following:

I have absolute no words to describe how bad this website is:

i) Firstly, the slogan itself is bad beyond words.
ii) Background totally not promotable for the website.
iii) The creators of this website clearly did not any research and/or is not concern about cultural differences.
iv) In summary: It is totally bad beyond words.

Improvements: Sjo, this web site is to bad that I think it must be created all over.
- Look at the slogan
- Change the background
- Make use of frames
- What about links?
- Do some research regarding cultural differences, offensive language, etc.
- Backgrounds must be utilize in such a manner that it will make it easy on the eye and teasing for the brain (make the user curious)

i) The IP address could not be found.
ii) No DNS records could be found also.

To comment on Khozats' remarks on certain websites:

i) I agree, to the music being extremely (and the emphasis on extremely) irritating
ii) The colour scheme also did not work for me.
iii) Clearly the designers of the web site did no investigation regarding the meaning of colours, because yellow on brown colours are depressing and the mind just shuts off when looking at that.

i) What a huge disappointment! Such a big city - regularly in the news, poems written, songs sung, adverts made of, modern . . . and yet, their web page designer is totally out of touch!
ii) Graphics did not do it for me.
iii) Colour scheme is a total nightmare.
iv) The page looks like an outdated Christmas tree, what's with the pink and green?
v) The web site must be updated - No what about a total make-over.
vi) Too much info, no crux of the matter

- The web site must be updated regularly
- Change the colours - Do research on the effect that colours have on the human brain
- Use Pretoria's slogan wisely
- Tell the visitor what the site is all about
- Use the frames wiser
- The whole site should be restructured
- Too many links tends to get me lost

Re: Task 4C-1 = Identifying Web Site Content and Design Problems
March 27, 2006 09:52PM
I have visited the jevan.com website that you are referring to and I must agree that it is quite bad. I find the design slightly better than the one that Khozats refers to (www.globalaigs.org), but the content equally bad or even slightly worse. There was very little thought given to the name, background and especially content. I found it hard to understand what the site is actually about and what the designer was trying to achieve with it. eye rolling smiley
Re: Task 4C-1 = Identifying Web Site Content and Design Problems
July 20, 2006 10:03PM
I think in both cases having bad taste doesn't even begin to describe these sites. One major problem that stood out for me besides those already mentioned was navigating on the sites. There is so much clutter with the background images and the text that it is hard to figure out Which items actually links to something and which are just bad photos of ugly people. When one logs on to a page you should immediately be able to see what it is about, and not have to scroll down 10 metres and read a book onscreen that leave you even more puzzled.

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