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Human computer interaction II 
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Announcement SoC Curricula 09/30/2017 01:08PM
Announcement Demarcation or scoping of examinations and assessment 02/13/2017 07:59AM
Announcement School of Computing Short Learning Programmes 11/24/2014 08:37AM
Announcement Unisa contact information 07/28/2011 01:28PM
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Extension of assignment 2

by Mac 3 07/03/2006 02:50PM
Last Post by RiaanR

Textbooks For Sale!!!

by sexycivic 1 12/19/2006 07:03AM
Last Post by sexycivic

Textbook for sale-CPT

by Rebecca 1 12/01/2006 09:56AM
Last Post by Rebecca

Give me Best Price for your book - taking INF320 - 2007

by jxharding 1 11/06/2006 03:03PM
Last Post by jxharding

exam questions/ guidelines

by SP1 2 11/06/2006 09:22AM
Last Post by Anonymous User

The 2006 exam was ok

by jkoorts 4 10/24/2006 10:35AM
Last Post by Shirley

Past exam papers ?

by carla 3 10/19/2006 09:29PM
Last Post by marcelvr

"Interaction Design" in 29 pages. For download

by Bronwen 4 10/10/2006 01:11AM
Last Post by Bronwen

Assignment 03 Marking

by united 1 09/15/2006 07:04PM
Last Post by united

Credits for assignment 03

by united 1 09/13/2006 08:22PM
Last Post by united

Past assignments

by chayolle 2 09/11/2006 10:13AM
Last Post by sk8tzz

Assignment 3

by Anonymous User 7 08/28/2006 09:46PM
Last Post by carla

i hate unisa - they took 100 credits and made that 60

by jkoorts 3 08/21/2006 10:10PM
Last Post by carla

Exam Query

by Anonymous User 1 08/03/2006 01:11PM
Last Post by Anonymous User

Ass3 Submission 2day

by sk8tzz 4 08/01/2006 10:10AM
Last Post by sk8tzz

Assignment 2 Credits

by moodlep 2 07/31/2006 08:39PM
Last Post by united

Credits for Assignment 2 - Where are they?

by lionelzone 2 07/26/2006 09:05PM
Last Post by united

Assignment not showing as Submitted   (Pages: 1 2)

by tjvanaarde 22 07/26/2006 08:18PM
Last Post by tjvanaarde@web.de


by united 7 07/26/2006 09:04AM
Last Post by united

assignment 02 marks

by united 2 07/11/2006 07:03AM
Last Post by RiaanR

Prottype per cd and upload written doc myUNISA?

by francoisdt 1 06/13/2006 07:03PM
Last Post by francoisdt

Why write credits in the percentage box on assignments?

by tjvanaarde 1 06/07/2006 06:41PM
Last Post by tjvanaarde

HELP: May prottype be in Visual basic .exe??

by francoisdt 3 06/07/2006 09:32AM
Last Post by francoisdt


by jencive 7 05/30/2006 10:07AM
Last Post by Anonymous User

submitting web site

by Anonymous User 6 05/30/2006 08:22AM
Last Post by RiaanR

Assignment 1

by JaS 2 05/24/2006 07:49AM
Last Post by RiaanR

Ass 2 Qu 1

by united 1 05/19/2006 08:56PM
Last Post by united

Can you submit Ass2 Electronically?

by lionelzone 2 05/16/2006 09:17AM
Last Post by Anonymous User

my downloads

by Bron 4 03/02/2006 07:49AM
Last Post by Bron

First one in...

by RiaanR 5 03/02/2006 07:34AM
Last Post by RiaanR