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Database design and implementation 
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application of real academic record

by 536976501,099709/28/2016 08:18AM
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official statement of results

by 55899471814112/30/2015 09:25AM
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official statement of results

by Bianca911939109/28/2015 08:23AM
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Academic Record

by Fezeka Swana1,214107/08/2015 03:29PM
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exam past papers wanted

by TariqG1,283105/02/2011 10:59AM
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2009 exam solutions

by MYDOWNLOADS1,297505/02/2011 10:58AM
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by trinity8,6231902/06/2011 04:36PM
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INF307H - Examination Question Paper 1 October/November 2010(Eng)

by 462985091,907102/04/2011 10:41AM
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Practice Solutions   (Pages: 1 2)

by trinity3,4243512/08/2010 10:19PM
Last Post by basicgerm

Exam Post-Mortem

by Kyle2,1702611/18/2010 11:49PM
Last Post by hlosukwakha

Past Paper 1, Section B, Question 15

by Kyle1,181810/20/2010 12:00PM
Last Post by Kyle

Regular Expressions

by JoJenkinson866410/20/2010 11:27AM
Last Post by MotaBoy


by busi994310/18/2010 01:25PM
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Past Exam Papers

by JoJenkinson1,058110/10/2010 05:37PM
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by ShaunGVW1,1621408/06/2010 11:42PM
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Assignment 2 Q11

by BigSteve943507/30/2010 09:10AM
Last Post by trinity

Question 7a

by ShaunGVW1,011507/22/2010 08:27PM
Last Post by ShaunGVW

SAVING SCRIPT you CREATE to your ASSIGNMENT answer sheet

by ligararu1,118507/20/2010 07:31AM

Substitution Variables

by ligararu1,320807/09/2010 03:05PM
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Section 7 Using the set operator (Practice Q3)

by Clair1,029207/06/2010 03:46PM
Last Post by BenVP

Due Date Assignment 2

by Anonymous User1,040706/22/2010 01:11PM
Last Post by BenVP

Oracle 10g-SQL Fundamentals

by ligararu1,823306/21/2010 03:31PM
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Is myUnisa down?

by African Boy1,061306/21/2010 12:16PM
Last Post by African Boy

INF307-H Study Programme

by African Boy1,155406/21/2010 11:31AM
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Oracle XE

by Wiseguy1,107705/24/2010 03:39PM
Last Post by Anonymous User

Telecommunications Engineering

by African Boy1,802204/01/2010 10:49AM
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software engineering:practitioners approach AND oracle books for sale

by ngwanadira1,204103/15/2010 01:21PM
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INF207 & 303 textbooks 4 sale - pta(centurion)

by MYDOWNLOADS1,224102/24/2010 02:07PM

Oracle XE creating scripts does not work in firefox.

by Marinus1,139202/16/2010 03:45PM
Last Post by ShaunGVW

iSQL - install

by Marinus1,542102/11/2010 02:13PM
Last Post by Marinus