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Systems Analysis and Design Methods 
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Announcement SoC Curricula 09/30/2017 01:08PM
Announcement Demarcation or scoping of examinations and assessment 02/13/2017 07:59AM
Announcement School of Computing Short Learning Programmes 11/24/2014 08:37AM
Announcement Unisa contact information 07/28/2011 01:28PM
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Assignment 1 Cancelled

by Raven 6 03/15/2019 10:27AM
Last Post by Mbuso N Buthelezi

Re-submitting assignment

by Paddo 5 10/17/2018 07:46AM
Last Post by Increase

Text book available 7th editionsmile

by tmolatelo 1 02/17/2009 08:23AM
Last Post by tmolatelo

Exam results release date

by Cameron 3 11/09/2006 07:48PM
Last Post by Cameron

Exam post mortem

by highveldstorm 11 10/20/2006 06:57PM
Last Post by Cameron

What is happening to UNISA?

by ToKnowOrNotToKnow 1 10/19/2006 10:02PM
Last Post by ToKnowOrNotToKnow


by ronniesmith 4 10/12/2006 01:47PM
Last Post by Cameron

GOOD LUCK everyone

by Cameron 3 10/10/2006 07:35AM
Last Post by visnaicker

Format of INF206 exam

by 33930260 2 09/26/2006 12:04PM
Last Post by 33930260

Chapters for the Exam

by hschutte2006 2 09/16/2006 09:18PM
Last Post by ToKnowOrNotToKnow

2005 Exam Paper

by Herman2005 4 09/07/2006 11:58AM
Last Post by Prsoo

Passed year papers

by Prsoo 1 08/29/2006 09:43AM
Last Post by Prsoo

Passed year paper

by Prsoo 1 08/29/2006 09:43AM
Last Post by Prsoo

assignment 4

by kkmaps 2 08/05/2006 03:18PM
Last Post by Shauntir

Past year exam papers

by 33497737 1 07/27/2006 03:54PM
Last Post by 33497737

assignment 3

by ExtraLarge 2 07/26/2006 03:15PM
Last Post by Cameron


by ExtraLarge 4 07/23/2006 02:39PM
Last Post by ExtraLarge

Assignment gibberish

by hschutte 5 07/04/2006 03:23PM
Last Post by sk8tzz

Does anyone have Assignment 1&2 marks ?

by Neil 12 06/30/2006 12:00PM
Last Post by Cameron

Diagramming Application

by neonpill 20 06/28/2006 02:40PM
Last Post by Cameron

Assignment 02 - INF206D marks are out!

by johnfo 6 06/10/2006 06:28PM
Last Post by visnaicker

has your assignments been marked?

by Cameron 15 06/06/2006 05:47PM
Last Post by ToKnowOrNotToKnow

inf 206 ass 3

by BRANDON07 3 06/05/2006 04:10PM
Last Post by Cameron

Assignment 1 Question 5

by Paddo 1 06/01/2006 09:29AM
Last Post by Paddo

Assignment date change?

by Paddo 7 05/12/2006 12:29PM
Last Post by Nettie

System-level DFD - Ass 2 Q 4.2

by Gazza 3 05/04/2006 02:16PM
Last Post by Gazza


by Thibo 1 05/02/2006 09:23AM
Last Post by Thibo

Important notice:

by ojorb 3 04/22/2006 08:21PM
Last Post by robanaurochs

Confused student_Re: Question 6.2 Ass 1

by Myn 2 03/29/2006 02:31PM
Last Post by bb218

Download case studies (with solutions) for INF206

by Bronwen 1 03/22/2006 03:57AM
Last Post by Bronwen