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Introduction to Visual Programming 
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Announcement SoC Curricula 09/30/2017 01:08PM
Announcement Demarcation or scoping of examinations and assessment 02/13/2017 07:59AM
Announcement School of Computing Short Learning Programmes 11/24/2014 08:37AM
Announcement Unisa contact information 07/28/2011 01:28PM
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exam tutorial letter

by Predator 8 04/21/2008 03:37PM
Last Post by moloto

Criminal Procedure, Evidence

by 30822203 1 07/20/2007 03:29PM
Last Post by 30822203

dbexpmysql.dll for Delphi 7

by millemg 4 05/03/2007 03:42PM
Last Post by thesendaii

remote servers

by ShaunGVW 2 02/05/2007 11:22AM
Last Post by Anonymous User

exam results

by IanCockcroft 1 01/03/2007 03:38PM
Last Post by IanCockcroft

How was the exam?

by moodleyn 6 11/22/2006 03:29PM
Last Post by Sanoz0r

Exam results?

by esckay 3 11/07/2006 08:17AM
Last Post by esckay

Appendix for 2006 exam

by moodleyn 5 10/28/2006 02:59PM
Last Post by Reanie

More exam papers

by Niri 7 10/19/2006 06:36AM
Last Post by moodleyn

DBLookup Combo Box

by Simone 17 09/13/2006 11:53AM
Last Post by Ntokozo1

Job Opportunity(Delphi)

by Anonymous User 3 09/05/2006 11:51AM
Last Post by funky

Assignment 02 Results

by Niri 11 08/22/2006 11:48AM
Last Post by Matsobane

MORE database help needed! smile

by Mel 1 08/10/2006 08:42AM
Last Post by Mel

MyUnisa Ass 2 shows 0 credits

by VeerVortexus 1 08/08/2006 06:57PM
Last Post by VeerVortexus

Updating of data

by ShaunGVW 3 08/07/2006 06:59AM
Last Post by ShaunGVW

Urgent help needed with databases!

by Mel 10 08/02/2006 09:14AM
Last Post by Brendonw

Latest MySQL

by ShaunGVW 2 07/28/2006 07:13PM
Last Post by Metis


by ShaunGVW 3 07/26/2006 08:27AM
Last Post by ShaunGVW

Library names

by yanga 6 07/24/2006 02:17PM
Last Post by yanga

Important info: data modules in Delphi2006

by millemg 6 07/24/2006 09:44AM
Last Post by Anonymous User

Invalid Username / Password

by Thibo 4 07/18/2006 05:46PM
Last Post by Matsobane

Assignment 3

by Anonymous User 7 07/17/2006 07:36PM
Last Post by stefanh

Important info: SQLConnection's LibraryName property

by millemg 16 07/17/2006 01:28PM
Last Post by 36187844

Assignment 03 - Question 2

by Niri 1 07/17/2006 11:52AM
Last Post by Niri

Assingment Marks

by tstevens 4 07/12/2006 08:05AM
Last Post by tstevens

COS114-Assignment 4???

by hendrik 3 07/06/2006 07:34AM
Last Post by Reanie

mySQL server

by jacques.van 3 07/05/2006 05:34PM
Last Post by hendrik

Assignment 2 Question 4

by streaker 7 06/27/2006 04:57PM
Last Post by georgealbertyn@webafrica.org.za

Study Group Around Jozi

by yanga 2 06/21/2006 11:30AM
Last Post by yanga

Results of assignment 1

by StewartCampbell 14 06/15/2006 01:41PM
Last Post by georgealbertyn@webafrica.org.za