School of Computing

Software Engineering

Software engineering research entails investigation and application of software engineering principles to the design, development, maintenance, testing, and evaluation of the software and systems. Software engineering research also include software project management. 

Members of the software engineering team have published research in the specific dimensions of software engineering such as:

  • Agile methodologies;
  • Agile approach to cloud computing;
  • Software project management;
  • Software quality assurance and testing
  • Soft skills in software development project

Some of the research that is recently published in the Software engineering group take a social science approach to software engineering such as communities of development, socially relevant computing, and knowledge conversion in software development project. 

Active members of this group:


This page is not necessarily up to date.


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Robert Hans ; Mnkandla, E. (2017)
A Descriptive Analytics Tool For Improving Project Human Resource Management: The Importance Of Discerning A Project Team Member’s Sentiments
Cape Town, South Africa

Tavengwa Masamha ; Mnkandla, E; Absalom Jaison . (2017)
Logistic Regression Analysis Of Information And Communication Technology Projects: A Focus On Computer Networking Projects
Cape Town, South Africa

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Johannesburg, South Africa
University of Johannesburg
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Dongmo, C. (2016)
Formalising Non-functional Requirements Embedded In User Requirements Notation (urn) Models
Ph.D, Unisa